Even a well started company would like to increase its sales to ensure the continuity of its well-being state. An objective point of view is able to identify the margin of improvements the company has and, at the same time find all the necessary actions to achieve it. There are many possible path to follow to obtain an increase in sales:
• Analysis of the internal salesforce strengths and optimization through training courses or an external management.
• Foreign markets research
• research of the right product to market
Solvigor is able to support your choices finding the better solution, meeting your needs with different type of cooperation.

Potential Markets Research

To successfully increase sales in foreign countries is needed a deep knowledge of the designated market. Deal with markets having several cultural similarities makes the job of the sales office easy, much more complicated is deal with countries with a completely different cultural baggage and thus different product needs.
Solvigor offers an efficient support in place your product and can locate for you the market with a real request for it. We offer different solutions that may change over time, from a fixed term contract to an agency agreement.

Finding the Products

Often there’s a clear idea of what is needed from our company to have success, but not likely often is easy to find the right product to sell.
For a distributor is essential to have the right product to sell, as much as having the right sales network. Solvigor can support you in finding the product with the best value for money, always looking for ethic and reliable partners.

Business Development

A key part to the success of sales is given by the exact identification of the customer needs, a precise and quick interpretation of the demand allows the companies to undertake any action to create better sales net or improve the product or service offered.
Solvigor puts at your back and call competent staff with decades of experience in sales of various type of product/ service, able to analyze the requests, develop business growth strategy and propose

Sales Net Management

A proper management of the sales net is a precondition to make the most of the skills of the internal staff with the aim of gain the company’s target.
Solvigor offers a service of sales net management even temporary, an expert will be at your immediate disposal to coordinate, in line with the company expectations, the sales office. We even offer the possibility to start an agency agreement with or without exclusive rights, that will help you strengthen the position on the market by enhancing the company placement.