To grant the better market positioning is essential effect an accurate research in order to know the real company’ situation. Solvigor is an helpful tool to identify the real competitiveness of the company, as well as the strengths and weakness enhancing the firsts resetting the seconds.

Market Analisys

Knowledge always lead to success! The Solvigor has experienced staff who will be able to identify and evaluate, using various tools of analysis, the real market situation, both national and foreign, comparing it to the product or service offered. Having a clear vision of the environment is absolutely needed to be competitive, knowing the real competitors with their strength and weakness put us in a better position to conceive a concrete business strategy.
A territorial marketing analysis will evaluate the offer of competitors evaluating the quality / price / product by identifying the real needs and requirements of the market.

Company Promotion Strategy

Planning promotional activities in synergy with the company target is often underestimated.
A company could be potentially the most competitive by the mean of products or services offered, but at the same time not being able to show its potential on the market. We will help you during the communication strategy process, defining ways and means to use, to ensure that your company is recognized and chosen when purchasing the products.

Exhibition Service

Too often the decision to take part or not to an exhibition is driven by routinely rather than the real payback deriving. Solvigor will help you finding the ideal fair that will grant a return of investment based on number of contracts signed with new contacts taken during the show, will support you during the organization of the event like placement in the pavillions, coordination in the design of the stand etc.