Using our consulting service, Solvigor offers expert and proficient staff able to assist companies with “hints”, for a period of time to be agreed on a real need basis.
The purpose of the consultancy could be: lead the workforce to a common goal, finding the better path to achieve the company targets or organize offices or sectors to take advantages of the skills and competences of the employees.

Business Consulting

The purpose of the business consulting is to analyze the global situation and report the results, which is needed to become conscious of the exact positioning the company has in the market. This involves implementation of the major goals and initiatives, based on consideration of internal resources and an assessment of the environments in which the organization competes.

Organizational Support

Once the company is positioned, Solvigor can really support you where’s needed. Think about the need of select new employees, we can take care of long interviewing phase without bother your sales force.

Commercial Partner Research

A necessary condition to grant company growth is the right identification of the potential business partners, whether they might be agents, distributors, foreign or domestic customers, pinpointed on a basis of specific needs.
Solvigor proposes a specific consultancy service.

Training Courses

A company is made by several components that constitute the main features, among which the most important is the workforce. Having prepared and motivated staff is the ideal starting point to realize day by day the company’s target. We know the real importance that should be dedicated to the staff to make them feel been part of a common project and have the right determination to achieve the targets. Behind the success there’s the ability of its sales net, that’s the reason why we offer a training service with different classes ranging from sales techniques to motivational.