Your Remote Back-office

The back-office service is dedicated to the growing companies not yet ready to invest in an internal office as well as for those more enterprising that even though have decided to grow in a foreign market, rather have an external source.  Solvigor provides all the keys success:
Multilingual staff (German mother tongue, Spanish and English speaking), skilled, expert by working for many years in multinational companies;
the necessary equipment;

A service that covers the different need a company could have, from data entry to management of in/out purchase orders.

Commercial Support

During the working life is common for all companies face the need of replace an employee, or make the decision whether to enlarge or create a commercial office with its unavoidable capital, resources and time investment. We put at your immediate disposal expert staff with deep known of English/ Spanish/ German languages, as well as the internal companies mechanisms. This coverage can vary both in function and duration.
We solve the problem of replace someone (eg. In case of maternity or sick leave) immediately.

Customer Interface

the convenience of having a single qualified interface that takes care of keep in touch with customers, will grant to the internal staff the possibility to devote themselves to their own objectives without worry about the daily order management, dispatches, etc, as well as will avoid the confusion and uneasy of customers due to deal with different staff just to have detailed information.
Solvigor provides customers only one interface to which address requests, and only one for the company, that will worry about finding information and give them to the customers.

Warehouse service

Often there is the need of having to store the goods for a short period, but the creation of an external warehouse inevitably leads to an annual increase of costs, often without a prompt return of investment. For this reason we have an area in which stock the goods until are sold or is time to deliver them. We are able to organize small dispatches of goods directly to the customers with original delivery note.


Trade with foreign companies’ puts us on the position to face the problem of introduce
ourselves with documents or texts written in the language of the country of interest.
Solvigor provides the solution with a translation service to / from various languages,
cooperating with qualified staff and whenever possible native speakers. Eliminate the
possibility of being misunderstood with the translations not accurate in form and content.
Texts are the company’s business card.Supporto Commerciale